News Product Mentoring

News Product Mentoring

Day-to-day News Product Mentoring

I can mentor and advise people looking to get started in the media/product/innovation space and understand the wide range of paths they could take. I can also coach those moving into their first management roles and particularly anyone who is responsible for cultural change and innovation in their organisations.

In addition I can help if you are working on new business/product/organisational strategy, newsroom tooling and applying reader data & insights in the newsroom.


Demand for my mentoring services is growing faster than I have time to support, so I am trying an experiment. When you go to book a slot, you will now be asked to 'check out', rather than 'book'. You will see this copy under the fee and a 'change amount' button.

A mentoring session is worth £80. Students, early career journalists and those who can't afford to pay are welcome to change the amount to £1. Honestly. (Stripe won't accept £0 unfortunately).

I'll always offer free/very low cost sessions of some kind

Those who can afford to pay, I trust your judgement as to how much that is.

I mean every word of that.

News Product Alliance Mentoring

I've joined the NPA Mentor network where the idea is:

150 emerging product thinkers will be selected and matched with one of 50 experienced news product professionals.

The first cohort finished in May this year and we are waiting to hear if the programme will be offered again. Sign up to find out when applications open again.

I am also a part of the mentorship programme (where you can find many other good mentors depending on your specific needs and interests.)